Friday, January 29, 2010

here we go...

So here's the thing about this blog. A few months ago, I realized that one of my dearest passions, writing, was something that was severely lacking in my life. I had spent almost five years in school writing research papers, writing reports, writing notes, writing case studies...A LOT of writing. And despite my busyness, I was consistently inspired to write for pleasure. So I wrote short stories and poems and cards and journalled regularly. God was moving powerfully, subtly, gracefully, in my life and the way I responded, often, was through words on paper.

School ended, life changed in dramatic ways (engagement, marriage, wifehood, full-time job), and my writing fell to the wayside. In many ways, I was just too exhausted and overwhelmed to process my feelings and experiences on paper, so I let them be. Sometimes at night while I lay in bed trying to sleep, I thought about what I would write if I were to actually attempt the grand undertaking. But most often, that's where it would end.

Then the idea of a blog came to mind. I used to think that blogs were weird. I mean, how important do we think we are that we create our own little public journal, post it for all the world to see, and actually expect that people pay attention to it? This was my thought-process, and to be totally honest, a part of me still feels this way. But what I discovered, mostly through reading friends' blogs, was that this is a pretty great outlet for creativity. Not to mention the countless times I've been inspired, challenged, amused, and encouraged by following these people's written journeys.

So I started to think that maybe, just maybe, a blog is the very thing I needed to harness all those thoughts, ponderings, questions, wrestlings, and creativity rustling around in my head. Maybe a blog could provide some motivation to write and keep writing. And maybe it could secretly be that thing that keeps me accountable to this little love of mine. If people read it, great! I would hope they'd be inspired/challenged/amused/encouraged just as I have been. And if they don't read it, great! I'll be writing and that's my purpose here. (Although everytime I address you "readers" in my posts, I suppose I'll be addressing no one but myself -- ha!)

So there it is, folks. Welcome to my blog. I'm discovering more and more each day that life is an unpredictable journey; nothing we can formulate, plan entirely, control exclusively, or simply wish-upon-a-star for. God is the Author of our story, and as someone wise once wrote, He invites us to be co-authors with Him. So why not step out on a limb and write right along with Him? Literally and figuratively. If I can do it, anyone can.


  1. Yay for writing again. It feels great to get the creative juices flowing again. I look forward to reading! :)

  2. ...we are more the same than I've realized.

    :) I'm pumped! Welcome to the world my friend, it gets addicting!

    love ya,

  3. Wel, I'LL be reading, anyhow! You describe my thoughts exactly - wondering if anyone even reads my blog... but realizing, I really enjoy pondering and writing, even if it's only for my own enjoyment.

    I look forward to following. :)